Dear Wants and Needs

Dear Sara,

I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said, about how Australia is much more like home than we thought it would be. I think I would have to agree. When I was studying abroad in England (University if Sussex in Brighton, for those playing along at home) I had this constant feeling that eventually, all this “stuff” would become normal.


Majestic land bridge that decides who’s worthy

Of course it never does. Unless you’ve been there for half your life, everything you do, from where you work to what you eat to all the sounds you hear is going against nature. Grocery stores have different names and prices, public transportation is very strange. At least all the dogs are still super fluffy and cute.

And I think it’s those little things that help everyone stay sane when they’re out of their element. And it’s also why I think sharing information and sharing culture is so important! Think about how we would have fared in Australia if we hadn’t watch Miss Fishers so many times to prepare?? Probably about the same, but you get the point.


These vines eat trees for breakfast. Creepy. 

It makes what Dad said about Australia not being on a fault line and having prehistoric trees so awesome. And honestly, the differences in the landscape are one of the things I try to see and differentiate whenever I’m trying somewhere new. I think that’s because I am constantly finding whats the same about two different places. And seeing the differences in how the earth moves and shapes itself helps to remind me that YOU ARE IN AN ENTIRELY NEW PLACE! THERE ARE NEW THINGS TO SEE. WHY AREN’T YOU SEEING??

This is why I got so testy that one day when the family was taking their sweet time getting out of the house to go to that awesome hippy village Maleny. THERE WERE THINGS TO SEE AND DO AND WE WERE NOT SEEING AND DOING.


I mean you wouldn’t want to leave this view either

This can of course be linked to new job and new opportunities as well. I keep hoping that my job will become NORMAL and I won’t feel like I am messing up everyday. But getting used to places and people takes time. Effort is involved in everything we do, which is frankly the worst if you ask me. I along with everyone else I am sure, want things to be a little bit easier. But then it would be boring and I would complain about that. ALL THE THINGS. I WANT ALL THE THINGS.


Anyways, question: When you first arrive in a foreign country what are the things that stick out to you the most? What do you find yourself consciously or unconsciously looking for? I remember there was this one time I was walking around DC and I had this moment where I pretended to be someone who had never seen the US and had never walked around it before. The streets of Barcelona and DC are eerily similar; giant, opposing, unnecessary, and a god-send all at once. It’s kind of cool when you start thinking about what others notice; like trying to find a pattern for hours and then someone just walks by and picks it out like it’s nothing. I hate those people.


They probably look something like this

ALSO¬†TANGENT: Can you watch the War & Peace mini series with Paul Dano, Lily James, and James Norton? Because I gotta know if it’s worth it. Just think about it.

Well dear sister, it’s been super real. I wish with my whole heart I could be chilling with y’all.