We’re Baaaaaaack

IMG_1366Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Consider this my mea culpa – for all of you who desperately missed our blog (and I’m sure there are many of you), it’s definitely my fault that we took an exceptionally long hiatus. A while ago, at the beginning of March I had a whirlwind trip to New York City in which I had an impromptu job interview followed by an impromptu job offer followed by an impromptu move followed by, followed by, followed by…

Suffice to say I’m bad at multitasking. My parents would probably disagree with this. Many a night in high school found me with schoolbooks propped up against the computer desk in the basement so I could talk to my friends on AIM while I did my homework. There was inevitably a television show playing in the background. I had a tendency to live blog Iron Chef to anyone and everyone regardless about whether they cared about champagne mixed with asparagus puree.

But as I’m sure most of you have realized, that’s not the type of multitasking I’m talking about, although I’ve gotten worse at that too over the years. But mostly what I mean is that when I’m stressed about something, be it emotional or situational, I become one of those machines that take themselves offline. Nothing but vital functions allowed. And as a creature of habit, a person who takes great pleasure in her routines, moving was about the most stressful thing I’ve done in a long while.IMG_1231

And yet – now I’m here! And just like I told myself, and just like everyone else told me too, the months flew by and I’m settling in. It no longer feels overwhelming just trying to figure out what my day-to-day looks like. I know where my grocery store is, what my paychecks look like, what my commute looks like. I know how to do my job and how I’m likely to spend my weekends. I feel like, at least at the basic level, I know how to be me in this space.

Now I’m slowly but surely adding things back in – writing more, eating better, responding to text messages (most of the time…), reading books instead of fanfic. And of course, writing blog posts. And for all of you sitting out there thinking “is she just going to quit this thing every time day to day gets a bit rocky?” well the answer is that I hope not. Hopefully I get better at this. In the mean time, things are definitely good now so you have plenty of ramblings to look forward to.

Coming up next – god only knows, but I’ve got a ton of TV to catch up on, a dangerous obsession with America’s Test Kitchen, obvious thoughts about gun control for anyone who is seeing this on Facebook, and publishing thoughts and the ever growing pile of book thoughts and THERE ARE ISLANDS DISAPPEARING IN THE WORLD GUYS??

Yeah…there’s a lot that keeps me up at night. But first, Kelly!


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