Blogged while watching Star Trek: Into Darkness  

When my mom and her friend Cherri saw the USS Enterprise for the first time in the new Star Wars movie they cried a little bit.

Not having the same emotional attachment to the franchise yet, I did not cry, but I did thoroughly enjoy the new movie. And when Into Darkness premiered, and I saw the end I spent the last twenty minutes hitting Taekia in overwrought excitement. Any of you who have seen the original Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, and have an appropriate appreciation for the thematic possibilities of Alternate Universes and reboots, will understand why. *

I have to say, in deference to honesty, there isn’t a lot about Star Trek that keeps me up at night. Its mostly just fun. I think there are some interesting things in it about exploration and scientific inquiry and some cool investigation into our responsibilities in space. But so far, it has merely entertained me. Unless you count reading fanfic way late into the night. Because I’ve definitely done that.

It also has a lot of my favorite tropes: team-as-family, geniuses running around breaking the rules to save the world, strong relationships between boys.

The last one is a little weird, I’ll admit. But I am a huge fan of the bromance. I love strong female characters. I think the relationships between women are hugely important in artistic representation. The Bechdel Test is only the very beginning of what we need to see from movies in terms of the way women are portrayed.

But my heart of hearts, my guiltiest of pleasures are found in watching boys who love each other, however they love each other. Brian and Dom in the Fast and the Furious; Arthur and Merlin in Merlin; Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in ALL THE THINGS; Sam and Dean Winchester (bonus points for actually being brothers) in Supernatural: Kirk and Spock in Star Trek.

I don’t necessarily ship these boys, although I think it’s an interesting idea to play around with, and I love fanfic when some of them are in relationships. But their love for each other is the anchor for all of these stories, which are some of my favorites in the world. Maybe it’s because we teach boys not to emote, or because the relationship between boys is a private world to which I have no access and no experience. It’s probably some combination thereof. And while Star Trek doesn’t keep me up that much, bromances are very often at the heart of the stories that do, including at least two of my own.

Also I want to join Star Fleet more than probably any other fictional organization or learning environment ever. Yes, possibly even more than Hogwarts. I get the feeling the adventures of Harry and co are more of an aberration. Which is probably good, since Hogwarts is full of small children. Star Fleet seems like it would yield a more reasonable yet varying selection of escapades.

Conclusions? You wanted conclusions? Spock and Kirk are definitely in love. It might be platonic. It might be romantic. But it is definitely, absolutely 100% love. And I want to travel around on a really comfortable, adventurous spaceship.

*People have very legitimate concerns with Into Darkness, some of which I totally agree with. But this isn’t that post. This is an ode. A very weird ode.


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