Music to my ears, or brain rather…

Having a song stuck in your head while you’re trying to go to sleep is an interesting experience. You’re brain is trying to turn itself off while also trying to remember all the words to Don McLean’s American Pie. It’s super annoying but also becomes a point of pride because you gotta remember those lyrics and more than once I have grabbed my phone in the dark to quickly look up a next verse to whatever song so I can finally rest in peace.

But having a song stuck in your head can also be surprisingly enjoyable, especially if it’s a song you like. There are some lyrics that just sink under your skin and move you. Pair that with some pretty sick beats and you’ve got a recipe for a long night of singing to yourself.

Now that I have a daily commute I’m listening to music a lot more and find myself singing odd snippets of songs throughout the day and . Below are a few of my favorites songs with the lyrics that I like or are intrigued by the most.

The John Wayne, Little Green Cars

Money Lyric: “It’s easy to hate yourself, when all your love is in someone else.” — The rest of the lyrics to this song are a little uninspired, I feel like this line makes up for all of it. There’s just a simple truth to it that I find so appealing.

Sweet Life, Frank Ocean

Money Lyric: “Don’t know why see the world, when you’ve got the beach.” — I have a penchant for lyrics that are both happy and sad. If you haven’t listened to Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, do yourself a favor and do it now. His entire album is filled with these little gems.

Young Hearts, Strange Talk

Money Lyric: “We’re young hearts, look at us go. All we really need is a stereo.” — All cliches aside, when I first heard this song, I wish I had been able to listen to it in high school so my friends and I could ride around at night, blasting this song with the windows rolled down. It honestly begs for it.

Old 45’s, Chromeo

Money Lyric: “Boys are non-committal, they’re always in the middle, it bothers you a little, it bothers you a little, why can’t we be like Mom & Dad.” — This song is basically all about how to get back to romance, without be overly misogynistic. Plus this is a pretty fantastic beat.

Trustful Hands, The Dø

Money Lyric: “We were meant to make a thing or two, meant to break the laws of gravity too.” — I love the extremes in this line. To me this says, we are small but we are also mighty and we are capable. We are so capable.

Leave A Trace, CHVRCHES

Money Lyric: “You talk far too much, for someone so unkind, I will wipe the salt off of my skin, and I’ll admit that I got it wrong, and there is grey between the lines.” — I’m not sure I can add anything to this. But I love the imagery and grittiness to these lyrics. They’re very raw.

Radar Detector, Darwin Deez

Money Lyric: THE ENTIRE SONG. Seriously, this is a pretty short song, and it’s adorable and real and worth a listen.

Hide, Little May

Money Lyric: “Feed me words while you had her between your sheets, bet she likes that.” — I love this because you have no idea of the relationship behind these people. Who’s talking, and what do they mean? I think it’s up to you.

Little Italy, Little Comets

Money Lyric: “When the steeple cries, there’s a martyr, for every pause, when a dozen die, It’s a starter for ten, to the men, who proselytize that a life isn’t owned but atoned, they solidify, and in time become blackened and martyred.” — Little Comets is honestly one of the smartest bands/lyricists I have come across in some time. I have to unpack every song, and maybe that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the more I find, the more intrigued I get.

Jackie and Wilson, Hozier

Money Lyric: “‘Cause with my mid-youth crisis all said and done, I need to be youthfully felt ’cause, God, I never felt young” — This entire song is amazing while still being perfectly concise; its how we know Hozier is one of the leading lyricists in this generation. But I love the idea that you someone else can make you feel like a whole different person, and how exciting that can be.


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