Thank you, Jon Stewart

So handsome! So jewish!

So handsome! So jewish!

So this blog post is a little later today then it normally is. I have plenty of ready made excuses for this, from job applications to shift work to wine drinking. But honestly I’ve just been binge watching old episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

As I am sure most of you all are aware, next week is Jon’s last week at The Daily Show (from this point on The Daily Show will be referred to as TDS because I am lazy). This is pretty monumental for a lot of people. Many have watched TDS for much longer than I have, and I’m pretty emotional about him leaving. I first started watching Stewart when I was in high school and no longer needed my parents to sit around to make sure I did my homework. To me and to many he was an honest, refreshing, hilarious reaction to the shit storm that was the conservative and sometimes liberal media. As the years have gone on he’s become even more biting and if you haven’t been watching his last episodes I encourage you to do so. A Stewart who doesn’t give a shit is a sight to see.

You many be curious as to how I am watching all these old episodes or you may have heard a rumor that Comedy Central is streaming every single Jon Stewart TDS episode on their website. That rumor is true!!! And it’s amazing!! Perhaps it’s the history nerd in me, but I find it absolutely fascinating to relive the past decade or so in these short twenty minute satirical performances. Of course it’s not wholly inclusive, but my desire to watch these episodes was because I weirdly wanted to relive historical events that I remembered vividly. I also wanted to watch Jon work in the best way that he worked. If anyone remembers I wrote a blog post about going to a taping of TDS. READ IT HERE!!!

I mean if I’m being really honestly with you reader I’ve paused writing this very important blog post several times to watch Jon Stewart and the rest of the world being ridiculous. Right now he’s calling out the media for concentrating on everything about Paul Ryan except for his political career when he was announced as Mitt Romney’s VP pick in the 2012 election. But then he himself gets lost in Ryan’s stealy blue eyes and is lost in a fever dream where Blue from Blue’s Clues eats him. Trust me, it’s hilarious.

But I think what I really love about Jon Stewart and what I am really going to miss is how he treated his guests, the questions he asked, and the way he conducted himself on screen. He’s told us so many times that he doesn’t prepare for these interviews but you know he does. He reads the books and sees the movies of the authors and actors he interviews, he knows the history of the congress men and women he brings forth. But his preparedness doesn’t result in talking points or a script of questions. He just tries to engage with whoever is across from him. You can tell he’s genuine, that he likes what he’s doing and he wants to educate and inform. While at the same time telling dick jokes. I am very willing to give Trevor Noah a chance but TDS is not like any other late-night shows. The previous anchor of TDS before Stewart was only on board for a couple of years before Stewart took the helm. We let Jon into our house in a very different way than we let any other host. He influenced all of us and the way that we think about issues.

Jon Stewart is not a perfect guy, he’s not a savior. He’s a smart, objective comedian…with a penchant for dick jokes. And I feel like we’re missing those more and more in the media. Everything is so sensationalized to the point where I think we’re numb. But I digress. I have loved every minute of the time I watched TDS and I have loved every minute of this binge watch. I can only hope that he decides to stay involved in comedy and politics in some form so that I might be hired by him someday. But for now, I’ll just say thanks.


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