What Happens to Sleepy Minds

2013-11-16 16.37.42When I first came to Sara and said we should start a blog, the name “What Keeps Us Awake At Night,” was already preformed in my head. It, like most of my ideas, was formed during a moment of sleepiness that refused to become an actual REM cycle (I know…my ideas are appropriate and timely!). I guess there is just something about lying alone in a dark room in the small hours of the night with nothing but your own thoughts that make us all go a little nuts.

Now my sleep problems are not as pronounced as my sister’s. Sleeping has never really been an issue for me, even growing up. One time during my sophomore year of high school, my grandmother decided to pay for our whole family to go on a cruise. I was in a room with my cousin and my sister. We were all chatting one night in our respective beds and one of them asked me a question. I answered it and my cousin immediately followed up with a different question. Only this time I didn’t answer. Because in the space of time between answering the first question and getting asked the second, I was fast asleep.

I can sleep in tents, on the ground, sober, inebriated, hot, cold…as long as I have a decent pillow, I can pretty much sleep anywhere. On average when I am happy and sober, I would say it probably takes me about half an hour to fall asleep. I say “happy and sober” because things like drinking, smoking, and depression all effect my sleep cycle…but luckily it just makes it easier to pass out. True sleeplessness is a rare thing for me to experience.

So if I have no problems sleeping, you ask, why am I writing this blog? Well putting metaphors aside, being good at falling asleep doesn’t mean that the paralyzing fear of failure or the lure of a newly conjured novel idea doesn’t stop my sleep from happening. Nor does it put an end to the 100 miles per hour pace my mind is usually clocking at. Whether I am sleeping, or doing any other task, I am usually thinking about six different things at once and without releasing some of them into the wild, I’m afraid important ideas or thoughts will be lost.

To try and salvage them, we turned to wordpress and Sara and I decided that we should make sure that if we can’t sleep or organize our thoughts, NO ONE CAN. On this blog we will be discussing some of our favorite late night topics that have single-handedly contributed to the enormous bags under our eyes. We will be discussing topic we hate, topics we love, topics we really have no clue what they are. And maybe even a little creative writing on the side.

Sleeping, overall, is one of my most and least favorite activates. If we as humans didn’t have to sleep think of all the amazing projects that could not only be completed – but also thought of in the first place! I think everyone would be more actualized. But even despite this, there is nothing better (and I truly mean nothing) then crawling into your bed after a very long day and just shutting out the world.

So join us as we take a walk through our sleep-deprived brains as we try to figure out just what was so great about the Pitch Perfect Soundtrack that it kept me awake FOREVER (answer: cause it’s made of magic and unicorns.)


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